Mission statement

EPÆG bridges the gulf between basic sciences and applied sciences to assist to generating creative and practicable solutions in innovative product development addressing issues of ergonomics, aesthetics, and design.

EPÆG brings together a team of scientists interested in Ergonomics, Psychological Æsthetics and Gestaltung. Our research goes from psychophysics to high level cognitive mechanisms, while developing and empirically testing psychological theories of Æsthetic perception and cognition. We develop guidelines and principles for applied solutions in design and ergonomics.

Ergonomie (Ergonomics)

Ergonomie (ergonomics) aims to enhance the interaction of humans and machines. Here, our group investigates the needs and interests of users as well as the improvement of the used machines.

Psychologische Æsthetik (Psychological Aesthetics)

In the field of Psychologische Æsthetik (psychological aesthetics) we link concepts of humanities such as beauty and Erhabenheit (the sublime) with psychological concepts such as attention, classification, preference and memory. Our aim is to contribute to a interdisciplinary understanding of Æsthetics, to fundamental Æsthetic theories in empirical and psychological research. We also believe that research in Æsthetics contributes to the advancement of psychological theories in general as it is an ideal scientific domain to systematically investigate the interaction of cognitive and affective sciences.

Gestaltung (Design)

In the field of Gestaltung (design), we firstly follow the tradition of Gestalt psychology to further explore and develop higher principles of Gestalt perception, which enables us to give advice for Gestalt guidelines and thus, support the creative processes of product development and marketing strategies. Secondly, we develop test paradigms to predict future Æsthetic appreciations, cycles of perceived innovativeness and typicality to enhance the validity of product evaluations. This helps to optimize the designing of consumer products, especially if they are of high innovative nature.